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Retreat Counseling and Substance Abuse Program for Women

Regain control of your life from substance abuse with our therapeutic treatment services from our experienced
substance rehab counselors in the beautiful country-side of South Carolina. Givebac Ace Camp substance abuse rehab program serves women nationwide.

Our clients get effective recovery with our evidenced based Cognitive Behavioral therapy group treatment. Givebac Ace Camp also offers substance abuse rehab treatment with an individualized needs assessment for each client.

Women receive exceptional recovery with our retreat counseling approach in the natural setting of South Carolina.

Rehab counseling and alcohol abuse counseling services have never been more accessible and affordable in the entire southeast region.


Givebac Ace Camp is a licensed not for profit substance abuse rehab program that helps women gain a spiritual, healthy connection with their positive inner-self. Our experienced counselors help women nationwide battling chemical dependency to overcome their addiction with effective Cognitive Behavioral methods at a much lower cost.


Save money and receive licensed & certified clinical treatment:    

        30 day stay only $1260                90 day stay only $3180
Talk with Intake about any longer term stay after 90 days 
We Serve Women Nationwide!

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Live in the countryside away from current problems!

Experience a fully licensed treatment while living on-site in the serenity of Givebac Ace Camp. By providing clients lower costs, our  substance abuse rehab center provides the opportunities to invest in other important life endeavors such as education, vacations, and retirement.

Who We Are

Givebac Incorporated is a nonprofit substance abuse rehab organization whose mission is most concerned with providing affordable and holistic abstinence from chemical dependency. We want to lessen the financial burden on families while achieving the goal of recovery for the loved one.

Our rehab programs provide evidence-based substance abuse counseling at a much more affordable cost than other substance rehab centers.

Save money without sacrificing the quality of your alcohol or other substance abuse treatment by
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